As handcrafters, some of us have websites and Facebook pages, and some have the full suite of social media possibilities. All of these keep us away from what we love best - creating. And whilst these show your existing clients that you are socially active, it does little to help new customers find you.

This website makes it easier than ever for lovers of handcrafted to find you, the handcrafter/maker/creator/designer/producer/artist. Your information will populate the mobile app, (available from Apple App Store as well as Google Play for Android - search Xplore Handcrafted) allowing Xplorers to find you. It will display a map with different icons for different handcrafters. Explores will be able to see at a glance as they are driving, which crafters are where and when they tap on your icon, can immediately be connected to your profile. They will be able to contact you directly from the app, either by telephone, mobile phone or email. They can go to your website, FaceBook page, Twitter account and (coming soon) Instagram. They can find you, interact with you, know what you make and sell, as well as where you sell it. They can see, on this website, when the markets/galleries/fairs are on and whether or not you will be there. 

You have your own personal QR code that, when scanned, will take the Xplorer, directly to your profile. They can save you as a favourite. This then allows, via the system, for you to send messages to people who have saved your details amongst their favourites - targeted marketing at its best! Display it at your markets/fairs/shows so that buyers can scan it, print it on your business cards and marketing material, the possibilities are huge.

You can give them 'your story'. The very thing that sets you apart from what is available in the 'box stores'. You are unique - and now you can make sure, that everyone either using this website or the fabulous mobile app, can find you and interact with you, and you can change and up-date your details as often as you want.

For further information please head over to the Q&As and if you still have questions, please contact us via the 'contact us' tab.