Team Spirit

Kia Ora!

As we welcome a new year, filled with endless possibilities, I am reminded that it takes collaboration to create something as fabulous as Xplore Handcrafted.

When skill sets come together to compliment each other. When a vision is something that is not only seen, but understood by the whole team. When it benefits not only individuals, but families and communities. It is an achievement not dissimilar to a beautiful symphony, each member making a contribution that allows a fellow team mate to shine. There is no room for ego and individual missions - everyone takes delight when, as one, something fabulous is created.

We, the team, take immense pride in working together for the benefit of handcrafters/makers/producers/artists and event holders, as well as those who love and support all things handmade and local!

On that 'note' (you saw what I did there right?) let me introduce you to, the 'founder/co-founders/symphony makers':

Darlene (co-founder), our fabulously patient programme manager, who keeps us on track and accountable. Loved and feared by all ;)

Nick M (co-founder) - Engineer and programmer extraordinaire. Translates tech speak into English for the less conversant of us

Nick K (co-founder) - Engineer and voice of reason.  Visionary and 'we can make that happen' wonder!

Erica (co-founder) - Sales and marketing guru. Erica came on board in December and suddenly we are wondering what on earth we did without her! She is passionate about supporting handcrafted, is a multi-crafter with a love of needle felting and crochet in particular.

Maxine (Founder) - Writer of this blog, fellow hand-crafter and avid supporter of all things local. I created Xplore Handcrafted (initially in my head and prior to meeting the fabulous team), the mobile app and handcraft database, with tools and functions like nothing else that is available to us, out of a personal need as a crafter and buyer. I work tirelessly, to ensure that my vision translates into something that makes buying locally made, as easy as walking into a mall or shop.

So, there you have it, the collaborative team of 5. Working together to bring you the best tool that we possibly can. Collaboration and Team Work however, can and does go beyond the 'working team'. In our case, we are happy to include and in fact encourage, you the handcrafters and users, to become a part of our larger team. Be the big bold bass drum in our symphony and beat it all the way to our inbox! Please, email us with any concerns/suggestions, we will do our utmost to accommodate anything that will either improve or strengthen Xplore Handcrafted, which in turn of course increases your reach. But collaboration in this case goes a step further, if you are a handcrafter 'Join us' if you are a lover of supporting local and all things handcrafted, then head to the Apple App Store for iOS, or Google Play for Android and search Xplore Handcrafted then download the app, if you are an event holder, contact us with your event details so that we can add them to our event calendar and further more, if you are a handcrafter/artist/maker/creator that is represented at any of these events, please, let us know and we will link you. Lets work together to make this the go-to-place for all things creative!!

May 2016 bring you inspiration, new and novel ideas, collaborations and connections of your own via Xplore Handcrafted and SALES, many many SALES!

In my next blog I will discuss - What is handcrafted and who is a handcrafter, until then...