Confessions of a Craft Addict

Today I have decided to share a blog that I wrote on a Facebook page that I used to administer, pre-Xplore Handcrafted. Once you have read it, you will realise how many, many creative souls started their sojourn into selling their makes and creating a business out of 'an addiction'. So whether you are a Pinterest junky or not, if you love handmade, you too can be thankful!

I believe that many of you will resonate, if not, I hope that you will at the very least smile inwardly, a possible chuckle and at best, a good ol' belly laugh. 

It went like this... ENJOY!!

The time has come for me to stand up and be counted. To take the daring plunge and announce to my FB friends and family, likers and followers that, "My name is Maxine and I AM ADDICTED TO CRAFTING".
Yes, yes, yes, I feel better already!
I have created this page to share my attempts at all things crafty, regardless of the genre and the standard of the results *cough cough and I invite all of you to share yours with me and the rest of us.
Sometimes we try things once and move on, sometimes we become all consumed and obsessed for a burst and move on, sometimes we even stay with it for long enough to drive our family crazy and then other times we just plod away quietly, become "expert" and share it with the world. 
Either way, we love what we do and we do it with passion!!
Who/what do I personally blame? Pinterest! Yes, that would be right, PINTEREST! Most addicts do blame someone/something for their addiction you know. We cant accept responsibility for the hidden credit card slips, the long hours into the night to "finish that project", the nights spent working on a project only to see the sun come up, to then fall asleep at work/doing the ironing/feeding the children/helping with homework - need I go on? No, I didnt think so. We are ADDICTS. Some choose chocolate/food/gym/dare I say alcohol, more specifically wine (oh there is a different category for that one and I really dont want to start another FB page ;)  ) but we choose crafts.
I have in the past done the following: fabric painting (uurghh wont elaborate on that one), sewing - became quite good at that and even sewed my sisters bridesmaid and flower girl dresses as well as my very own wedding dress, but yes, I moved on, after, I might add, buying an embroidery machine, that too is another story. Now that you are in the picture, I will continue to list them with no explanations necessary, crocheting, knitting, mosaicing, stained glass, pewter repujardo, quilting, painting landscapes with acrylics, drawing in pencil and charcoal, furniture restoration oh and almost forgot; jewelry making. I dont think I have forgotten any, but hey, I can always add them if/when I remember any. Oh and yes, I did forget one as it turns out - Zentangle.
To get back to who I blame for this obsession; Pinterest. Yes, yes, I know it wasnt around way back then, when my obsession started, but I have only just accepted that I have an addiction and well, Pinterest is around NOW, so Pinterest gets the blame!
This is how it goes, and I know you will all relate. "Open Pinterest, I need ideas for a new pewter project. Oh my, they used pewter to do THAT!! Wow, I am sure I could give "that a go". I search for "that" on Pinterest. Gosh, how interesting that they "used that" and put it "there" using x,y,z". Search "there" trying to remember to also search x,y,z" I know I havent lost you, I know that you are all nodding your heads going "OMG! yessss! Thats me!". By the time you have finished what started off being a search to help with a new project, you have now decided on a new craft, in a new colour, with new tools, ordered a book from Amazon, written down a list of "necessary supplies" and the adrenalin is pumping! Now tell me that Pinterest is not to blame"!
Oh gosh, yes, there we go, another memory flash, book making to add to my list!!
So go ahead my fellow addicts and creators of all things crafty - SHARE. Post photos, post stories, post your latest obsession and past obsessions. Post things that you have found and "think could become an obsession". Share share share. This will be our CAA - Craft Addicts Anonymous. OK, so we wont be anonymous, but you get what I mean.
Right, I will leave you with your "craft guilt" (you do know that its a temporary feeling right? Just go to Pinterest, it will quickly pass and your heart rate will slow down, while you sip on that coffee and tuck into the packet of Tim Tams and scroll/jump around that wonderful place in cyberspace")
I am off to quickly jump in the shower and then get my paint brush to finish one of my newest obsessions, CHALK PAINT!!! Yesssss, I can feel myself getting pumped already.